About Virginia Pound Cakes

Virginia Pounds Cakes Inc. was the product of much encouragement from my husband, son and daughter to share my pound cakes with other families.  We are a small online bakery located in southern Virginia. You can order our scrumptious, gourmet southern pound cakes online, beautifully gift boxed and we will ship our cakes your friends and family across town or across the country.  We measure our ingredients and crack eggs by hand - the old fashioned way for a made from scratch, down home taste.

Almost fifty years ago, I learned to bake cakes in my mama’s kitchen while she shared with me, her time and talent. Bless her heart, Mama was one of the best cooks around – no contest.  No one ever turned down an invitation to her table. She taught me all of the little things about baking that make the difference between a good cake and a great cake!

Pounds cakes require very precise measurements and mixing to achieve that fine, dense texture and the rich, moist, buttery taste, characteristic of a real southern pound cake. True southern pound cakes aren’t light and fluffy. They are heavy, tender and moist.  I love the challenge and joyful satisfaction of creating a beautiful, delicious pound cake.  More than that, I enjoy serving my cakes to friends and family and seeing happiness in every bite!

I only hope you’ll love eating my pound cakes as much as I love baking them for you!